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Meet Our Team

Executive Director & Co-Founder
Spanish Outreach Facilitator, Parent Advisor and Parent Connector
Training & Parent Outreach Connector Coordinator
Parent Advisor & ASPIRE Outreach Connector & Trainer
Parent Outreach Connector
Office Assistant
Events Coordinator and Project Assistant
Executive Assistant & Outreach Specialist
Development & ASPIRE Project Coordinator
Director of Special Projects & the Shift Transition (RSA) Parent Training and Information Project
Office Assistant
Parent Advisor & Dispute Resolution Project Coordinator
ASPIRE Youth Trainer & Mentor
Parent Advisor & Trainer
ASPIRE Youth Trainer & Mentor
Technical Assistance & Technology Specialist & Trainer
Shift Transition Connector
Parent Outreach Connector

* Indicates that the individual is a parent or family member of a person with a disability, or is a self-advocate (individual with a disability).