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Tree books or ebooks, reading is important.

Tree books or ebooks, reading is important.

By Guest Author Doug Fisher

It doesn't really matter to me if the book has a battery or not; what matters is reading. Reading changes the brain. I don't mean figuratively. Reading really does change the brain as new connections and pathways are formed. While reading, we meet people we could not have otherwise ever met and visit places far away or long ago. I can't imagine not knowing Harry Potter and Katniss (Hunger Games).

Although I've never met them, I talk about them like I have, and their lives influence mine, and millions of other readers. Reading provides us a mirror in which we see ourselves and are provided an opportunity to reflect. Reading also provides us a window to peek into other cultures and perspectives. All the while, we're changing our brains. If you doubt this, invite an early reader to read Don't Let the Pigeons Drive the Bus and you'll see what I mean. It's engaging, thought provoking, and begs to be discussed. If you can only do one thing today, hand a book to a reader. You can't imagine how that simple act can pay it forward. Happy International Children's Book Day!

~ Doug Fisher, Professor at San Diego State University, Teacher Leader at Health Sciences High and Middle College, Former PEAK Board Member and Guest Blogger

Photo of "Yay Reading" on a brick wall included under a Creative Commons License by Quinn Dombrowski.