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A Week at PEAK - Thursday

A Week at PEAK - Thursday

The PEAK Editorial Team presents: "A Week at PEAK" in which we will give you an extra special sneak PEAK into our new office space at 917 East Moreno Ave., spotlighting our incredible staff members and innovative projects! Stay tuned every day this week to meet a new member of our staff and hear about their journey to PEAK as well as their impact on families across Colorado.

Happy Thursday! To continue our "Week at PEAK" series, we invite you to meet Patricia Maycott! Patricia moved from California to Colorado 16 years ago and began working at PEAK as the Office Receptionist. Since then, Patricia has become PEAK's Technology Specialist. Read more to hear about how Patricia has united her passion for technology and her gift for supporting others in her role at PEAK.

What piqued your interest in technology?
When I started to learn the capabilities of technology, my brain immediately connected with the processes. For example, we have an online file cabinet where everyone in the office can electronically store files ,and it's my job to do updates on that as well as check printers, connections, computers, and ensure that everything is backed up. I like looking at the cables and seeing how everything connects; it's so interesting.

You're also pursuing a degree in business and technology. Can you tell us more about that?
I decided to go back to school because my son was also going to college. I am at Colorado Technical University, studying business and health management, toward the end of my degree. I also want to take an academic quarter of Information Technology (IT) and perhaps eventually pursue a Master's in IT.

What classes are you taking right now?
I am in Data Statistics right now. I had a webinar last night, and I'll have to go back and review some of the more difficult math concepts. I got a little lost to be honest so I will have to go review.

When I first started I needed a job, but when they started giving me lots of responsibilities, I really liked it because I have always loved office work. Then I started learning about disability, and at the time, there was a self-advocate named Kevin working in our office. Kevin was 25 and he had autism; he was my first connection with disability.

I was Kevin's supervisor at work and I was supposed to assign him tasks. I thought the tasks were boring and I could tell that Kevin also thought they were boring. When I got to know him and saw how smart he was and all of his capabilities, I started introducing him to Word and he made labels. And then we started working with Powerpoint together because his mom mentioned how he loved art. I learned that when you take the time, you can really teach and guide people through anything.

I started planning more important tasks afterward, like designs, logos, formatting, and clip art. I now do the same for the self-advocates that work at PEAK today. I observe how they work and see their interests and strengths - and then plan activities around that.

What are you doing for fun this Fall?
I've been taking my daughter to her to swimming classes because she enjoys the water and it has been nice seeing the progress that she's made. She's even going to be joining a swim team in September. I also enjoy movies, puzzles, painting when I have some time, and travelling.

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