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A Week at PEAK - Wednesday

A Week at PEAK - Wednesday

The PEAK Editorial Team presents: "A Week at PEAK" in which we will give you an extra special sneak PEAK into our new office space at 917 East Moreno Ave., spotlighting our incredible staff members and innovative projects! Stay tuned every day this week to meet a new member of our staff and hear about their journey to PEAK as well as their impact on families across Colorado.

Meet Nick Harmon! Nick is one of our Office Support Staff Members. We caught up with Nick after he returned from delivering a speech in Dallas as part of the 2018 National Down Syndrome Congress Convention.

What was your speech about?
It was about college and higher education opportunities for people with disabilities.

That is a topic you are very well-versed in - as both a student and instructor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS). Can you tell us about your teaching career at UCCS?
Yes. I help with presentations on teaching strategies to help teachers learn how to teach all students. I also help with the bulletin boards and make schedules.

As a teacher, what advice do you have for other teachers or those studying to become teachers?

  1. Answer all the questions that students have so that nobody is confused or behind
  2. Learn how to communicate with all students and listen to what they need
  3. Provide feedback on homework and presentations
  4. Teach students how to live in dorms and apartments - serve as a mentor for life outside the classroom
  5. Return homework and papers before the final exam so people can study and do their best

What are your responsibilities in the PEAK office?
I look at the PEAK newsletter and schedules, water all the office plants, check on the coffee maker, do stapler refills, and do the events calendar.

Tell us more about how you update the Events Calendar on the PEAK website.
If there's an event coming up for PEAK for a camp or training or activity, Tanner, my supervisor, gives me a list of events that people have submitted and the dates, descriptions, and locations for the events. I upload them to the calendar on the website using a template.

What is your favorite part about working at PEAK?
I like the co-workers. Tanner is a pretty cool guy. I like him. We do the paper refills on the copier machine together; it's pretty cool.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?
I take classes at UCCS about college and career readiness, and I like to hang out with friends, go shopping, and do summer stuff like camping in Aspen. I also work at a car wash too.

Tell us more about your car wash job!
It's fun. I get to meet and greet people because there are customers buying stuff like sponges and wipes.

Do you try to get them to buy things?
Oh yeah! Sometimes they buy gift cards too.

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