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Giving Thanks and Appreciation

PEAK experiences many blessings as we work across the state of Colorado and beyond to ensure that children and adults with disabilities can live fully included lives in their schools, communities, employment and each step of life! We are honored to know and to be touched by many incredible individuals and families across the country who share our values. Every person brings unique talents, strengths, and abilities to the tables of their communities, and it is not until we realizeRead more

Discover the Possibilities

Parents , do you find yourself wondering about your child’s future? What’s in store when my child exits the school system? How are we going to manage the tumultuous changes in middle school? High school? What about inclusion in college? What’s really out there for my child? Educators and service providers , do any of the following questions circulate in your brain? Where can I learn more about inclusive practices? How can I make my class more inclusive? How canRead more
Your child or student with a disability has been placed in the general education classroom. You may have concerns or hesitations about their learning and progress in this setting. How do we set them up for success? How do we make this work all day, in every subject, and in extracurricular activities? First, let’s review the concept of placement in IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) which emphasizes that children with disabilities are to be educated to the maximumRead more

Paula Kluth: Ally for Inclusion Award Recipient

This brilliant and visionary educator, author, advocate, and consultant has been a long-time leader and friend to PEAK, having made her debut at our Conference on Inclusive Education way back in 2003! A clear choice for our Ally for Inclusion award, Paula is a serious, steadfast and skilled educator who also brings fun and joy to all of her personal and professional endeavors. Learn more about Paula, a lynchpin for real-life inclusion. Have you gotten your tickets to In PursuitRead more

Diana Jolly: Ally for Inclusion Award Recipient

A principled and selfless leader, Diana has served on PEAK’s Board since 1992, which is almost the very beginning! She is a down-to-earth, selfless, loyal, passionate person and is a true Ally for Inclusion! Diana became involved with PEAK because of its unwavering commitment to helping children with disabilities be included in their neighborhood school in a regular classroom. Learn more about Diana and her incredible, long-lasting contributions to PEAK! Want to meet Diana in person, hear from Patrick SchwarzRead more

Dan Wilkins: Ally for Inclusion Award Recipient

“Within the heart of each community, everyone belongs.” This quote from Dan Wilkins is a perfect representation of why he is one of PEAK’s Ally for Inclusion award recipients! A long time friend and colleague of ours, Dan is an outspoken advocate, storyteller, and visionary for people living with disabilities and the culture to which they belong. Learn more about Dan and his fun and powerful legacy! PEAK is proud of each of our Ally for Inclusion award recipients, andRead more

LeDerick Horne: Ally for Inclusion Award Recipient

Today, we are excited to shine the spotlight on LeDerick Horne, a recipient of PEAK’s Ally for Inclusion award! LeDerick is truly an embodiment of PEAK’s vision for full inclusion. A spoken-word poet, tireless advocate, bridge-builder and so much more, LeDerick’s work helps achieve substantive, systemic change. Learn more about LeDerick and his many accomplishments and contributions. PEAK will announce the next recipients of the Ally for Inclusion award on September 20, 2019 at In Pursuit of Dreams: A FundraiserRead more