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Cindy Colwell *

(719) 531-9400 x110
Cindy Colwell *
Parent Advisor & Trainer

Cindy first became involved with PEAK in 2006 when she contacted one of PEAK’s Parent Advisors to gain strategies to help her son be more included in school. She was very grateful to connect with PEAK and have someone to contact who could help her navigate the new experience of having a child who was receiving special education services. Since that time, Cindy has become a mom with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for her son, and it has become incredibly clear that having her son be included in school affects his quality of life. Because of her involvement with PEAK, she has a better understanding of the Individualized Education (IEP) process, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and how to effectively advocate for inclusive services and supports. Cindy strongly believes that all children benefit from inclusive education and wants her children to learn about diversity and acceptance just as much as she wants her own son included in school and society. One of her favorite quotes is from Melissa Noelle Brown Oliveras: "Your child will teach you more than you will ever teach them." Cindy is grateful for all the people who have supported her and her family on this journey and the lessons she has learned from the people they have met along the way!