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Daniel Smith

(719) 531-9400
Daniel Smith
Youth Trainer & Mentor

Dan first became involved with PEAK in 2015 when he helped PEAK move office furniture when the office got new carpet installed. Dan joined the PEAK team because he believes in what PEAK stands for and the work PEAK does in communities across Colorado. A soccer coach dedicated to supporting youth to be leaders and athletes, Dan was excited about the opportunity to become a youth trainer at PEAK. As a result of Dan’s involvement with PEAK, he has become an advocate for himself and for others. Until working with PEAK he never realized the power of taking a stand and the value advocacy provides to the community. Dan believes that inclusion takes everyone working together and being open to the idea that we are all unique and can successfully live symbiotic lives in this world. Dan is a soccer enthusiast who loves music, art, and experiencing new things. Dan is grateful for family.