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Jacey Tramutt

(719) 531-9400
Jacey Tramutt
Technical Assistance & Technology Specialist & Trainer

Also Fluent and Literate in Spanish

Jacey got connected with PEAK when a friend and colleague introduced her to PEAK’s Executive Director, Barbara Buswell. Impressed by PEAK’s mission and excited at the opportunity to learn new skills and try to help make the world a better place, in 2004, Jacey became the Director of the Denver Metro Community Parent Resource Center (DMCPRC), which at the time was a grant held by PEAK. When the DMCPRC became its own independent nonprofit organization, Jacey decided to keep working at PEAK and became a Technical Assistance Specialist on PEAK’s Region 5 Parent Technical Assistance Center project. Her involvement with PEAK has educated her, helped her look at her own belief systems around disability, and made her become a more open person who sees clearly that all people have something of value to offer to their community. Two quotes from self advocates who she has met through PEAK identify key lessons that Jacey has learned. Jonathan Mooney on disability: “Disability does not reside in the individual, it resides in the environment," and Norman Kunc on learning, inclusion, and opportunity: “You can't learn to swim from the parking lot."  Jacey is also a psychotherapist and offers to let people hang out with horses as a part of their healing. Jacey is grateful for her son, Xavier.