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PEAK Staff Team

PEAK Staff Team

Myrna Martin joins the PEAK staff as a Spanish Outreach Facilitator.  She first became involved with PEAK in 2017 by receiving support from a Parent Advisor after moving to Colorado and then attending the Annual Conference on Inclusive Education. For Myrna, family comes first. She likes to encourage and expose her son, who has autism, to new things and looks forward to him being in a general education class as he transitions from preschool to elementary school.

Sami Peterson is a Transition Connector on PEAK’s RSA SHIFT transition project. Sami became involved with PEAK in 1995 through the early childhood intervention initiatives in Larimer County. Sami found the PEAK community to be a natural fit, and Sami says that PEAK in turn helped her find her way in becoming a polite, yet persistent advocate for her family. Sami says that her son’s disability helped prepare her for her husband’s disability, knowing the possibility of living a full life with a disability.

Tanner Jones joined PEAK Parent Center in 2018 as the Office Receptionist, assisting with day-to-day operations in addition to data entry and technology support. Tanner believes that diverse experiences enrich our community and says that working at PEAK has been an incredible experience that has thoroughly reshaped his considerations of those with disabilities.

Leann Springer is now PEAK’s Social Media manager, first becoming involved with PEAK in 2008 when she became aware that there was a whole lot of information on disability that she did not have, but PEAK had the information to help her on her learning journey.


Kholod Alhefzi is one of PEAK’s Parent Advisers. She became involved with PEAK in 2018 after receiving PEAK’s support for her son. Kholod was inspired by PEAK as an organization because of how PEAK empowers families who have children with special needs to speak up for their kids. As a native of Saudi Arabia, Kholod hopes to transmit this concept of acceptance surrounding disability into Arabic culture.

Deana Heisler is the Events Coordinator, including the conference, at PEAK. A lifelong champion for social justice, Deana joined the staff in 2017 and has become an advocate for inclusion in the classroom. Deana believes that inclusion is not an option, but rather a right we all have to participate in our communities.

Deana is incredibly grateful for her health and her journey of understanding how to maintain a healthy and quality lifestyle. Deana’s favorite quote is “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.”

Ann first learned about PEAK when she attended the 2011 Conference on Inclusive Education, an event that she has attended several times since then. Anne initially decided to attend the conference because she wanted to learn more about inclusion. When her son, who had developmental delays, transitioned from the early intervention program to preschool, there were limited opportunities for inclusion. As he moved forward in the public education system, Anne wanted to become more informed and not just accept what she was being told about educational placement and resources.

Danae first learned about PEAK while working in Oregon for another Parent Center like PEAK. So, when she and her family moved to Colorado, Danae already knew about PEAK's great work and it was the first place she called. Danae felt much less anxious about her family’s move after connecting with PEAK - it was like having a ready-made support team! Danae’s wish for her husband and her first child was that he would make them a family. Her wish for their second child was that she would be extraordinary. Both wishes came true, though it didn’t always feel that way.

Dan first became involved with PEAK in 2015 when he helped PEAK move office furniture when the office got new carpet installed. Dan joined the PEAK team because he believes in what PEAK stands for and the work PEAK does in communities across Colorado. A soccer coach dedicated to supporting youth to be leaders and athletes, Dan was excited about the opportunity to become a youth trainer at PEAK. As a result of Dan’s involvement with PEAK, he has become an advocate for himself and for others.

Emily joined the PEAK team in 2015, when she decided to put her development skills to work for PEAK in efforts to make a positive impact in her community! Much of Emily’s professional background consists of direct client services and advocacy work in the nonprofit arena. For a period of time, Emily worked on the development team at an organization that serves people who have been trafficked (human trafficking). Emily believes in a world of equality for all.