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Samuel Olarte

(719) 531-9400
Samuel Olarte
Parent Advisor

Samuel Olarte has been with PEAK since June 2018 as a Bilingual Parent Advisor.  Sam first became involved in PEAK to be a proactive agent for social change. As a result of his involvement, he has become a staunch advocate for families in need, a voice for non-English speakers, and a member of a team that truly cares about our community.

Sam notes that our planet contains approximately 7.6 billion people with a rough estimate of 6,500 different languages spoken. As such, Sam believes that diversity and inclusion are what truly make us stronger as the human race.

Outside of work, Sam enjoys eating massive amounts of Nutella pancakes while watching NBA games. Moreover, he has a passion for traveling, dance, food, and music. Sam’s favorite song is Mondo ‘77 by Looper.