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Access to the General Education Curriculum

By Guest Authors Amanda Bock, PhD and Karen Erickson, PhD Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill For years, students with significant support needs (SSN) received little or no literacy instruction as their education programs focused on life skills, social skills, and vocational training. The little literacy instruction they did receive relied on teaching methods that we now know helped them learn simple component skills in isolation. For example, students matched upper and lowerRead more

Writing an Inclusive Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

By Guest Authors: Christi Kasa and Julie Causton-Theoharis The development of the IEP is a critical step that a student's team takes to communicate goals and share strategies that will support the student to reach those goals. Careful planning of the IEP meeting is essential when designing the services needed to support the child successfully. The team should take time when planning for the IEP to listen and learn from each other. When the team is focused on planning forRead more

Tree books or ebooks, reading is important.

By Guest Author Doug Fisher It doesn't really matter to me if the book has a battery or not; what matters is reading. Reading changes the brain. I don't mean figuratively. Reading really does change the brain as new connections and pathways are formed. While reading, we meet people we could not have otherwise ever met and visit places far away or long ago. I can't imagine not knowing Harry Potter and Katniss (Hunger Games). Although I've never met them,Read more