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In Pursuit of Dreams: Tell Us Your Dream

In Pursuit of Dreams: Tell Us Your Dream

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? What barriers did you face or overcome in pursuit of your dreams? What does your child dream of? What will it take for them to make that a reality?

For individuals with disabilities and their families there are often MANY barriers in the pursuit of everyday living let alone adulthood dreams and achievements. At PEAK Parent Center it is our goal to ensure that every child with a disability from birth to adulthood is included in all aspects of life so that one day their dreams may become a reality.

This Spring we begin our In Pursuit of Dreams project. We want to hear from you. Tell us your dreams, a success story of inclusion in your neighborhood, community or school, perhaps even a time of struggle where you or your child overcame barriers in pursuit of dreams. We want to hear your authentic experiences-please submit your stories! We will choose 3 submissions to share on our SPEAKout Blog. Additionally, our Editorial Committee will choose quotes from your submissions to publish on PEAK stickers.

Directions for submissions:
Please send all submissions with the subject: In Pursuit of Dreams to, or PEAK Parent Center/In Pursuit of Dreams, ℅ Leann Springer, 917 E. Moreno Ave, Colorado Springs, CO by July 23, 2019. Submissions should be approximately 300-500 words in length or the equivalent length (approximately 2 minutes) if you wish to submit in video format. 2-3 Pictures should be submitted with written submissions.
*By sending your submission you grant PEAK Parent Center permission to
publish written, video, and photographic content at any time. Submissions will become
the property of PEAK Parent Center. Additionally, the PEAK Parent Center Editorial
Committee assumes permission to edit your submission for grammar, style, and length.
If published your submission will be permanently archived on the PEAK Parent Center

Tips: Ensure that your submission is interesting and gives perspective for your unique experience as a self-advocate, parent, educator, administrator, or other disability related role. Be sure your submission is clean, polished, and edited ready for publication.

We can't wait to hear from you!