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Barbara Buswell *

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Barbara Buswell *
Region D Parent Technical Assistance Center Director

Barbara Buswell is PEAK’s Co-Founder and Director of the Region D Parent Technical Assistance Center project. When Barbara’s middle son was born in 1979 with significant physical challenges, she and her family struggled to find positive information, support, and connections to other families who had children with disabilities. This clear gap in services and supports available to families of children with disabilities lead to Barbara co-founding PEAK in 1986 and triggered her commitment to supporting families across Colorado, and the nation, to develop advocacy skills that enable inclusive and successful lives for people with disabilities. Barbara has extensive experience in parent training and leadership, serving on state and national advisory groups, and assisting other Parent Centers to be successful nonprofits. Barbara holds a graduate degree in Inclusive Education Reform and has 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience. Prior to creating PEAK Parent Center, Barbara was a secondary English teacher specializing in curriculum development and teaching hard-to-reach students who had dropped out of school. Barbara holds an unwavering belief that all children can learn and have the right to participate in their school and community and that families have the capacity to make good decisions and assist their children in achieving great outcomes when they have information and training. Every day, she advocates persistently to uphold these beliefs. One of Barbara’s favorite quotes is by William Butler Yeats: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Barbara feels grateful for her family and the incredible individuals she has had the opportunity to work with and learn from, especially self advocates!