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Leann Springer

(719) 531-9400
Leann Springer
Communications Manager

Leann Springer first becoming involved with PEAK in 2008 when she became aware that there was a whole lot of information on disability that she did not have, but PEAK had the information to help her on her learning journey.  As a result of working at PEAK, Leann has become a persistent, sometimes fierce, advocate as well as a great cheerleader! In regard to matters of disability and inclusion in our world, Leann notes that a neuropsychologist once told her that our society needs people who think differently in order for there to be progress in this world. Leann would extend that sentiment to all diversity and not just those who think differently. She believes that there is something for each of us to contribute!  In her free time, Leann enjoys hiking and fishing with her family as well as Saturday mornings in bed with coffee and a good book.